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We are always looking for new talent. Is this talent hidden in you? Casaro is curious!

We are always looking for new talent. Is this talent hidden in you? Casaro is curious! You can apply in the way you feel most comfortable with. You can call, email or fill in the online intake form!

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Hulsterstraat 4

4116 EZ Buren
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)344 229 900


Opening hours customer service

Mon-Fri: 08:30 - 17:00

Sat-Sun: closed

Expedition opening hours

Mon-Thu: 07:00 - 16:30

Fri: 07:00 - 12:00

Sat-Sun: closed

Meet your new colleagues

buislaser operator Culemborg

Stitcher/tube laser operator

My name is Minette and I have been working at Casaro since 2013. I came here through an employment agency and then I was offered a contract. I love the days when I can just do odd jobs and when I have my own responsibility. Casaro can offer me this because I have been able to take on another position in addition to my current position. I notice that Casaro really listens to me and thinks along with me, in addition, they always offer me a helping hand, both privately and work-related. I personally find Casaro a very interesting company because of all the machines it purchases. 

Lasmedewerker VDS Culemborg


welding worker  


I'm Bert and I am a welder at Casaro, I love that. I enjoy the structural work that Casaro has. What I like is that everyone here is usually free on Friday afternoon. As a result, I already walk out on Thursday with the feeling: ''It's as good as the weekend.'' In addition, I love that I can easily grow into new positions and new activities here. I also really appreciate the little things here. In the summer it was very hot and then pieces of watermelon were handed out. 

Assistent gereedschapmakerij Culemborg


Assistant tool shop

I am Jack, through work-learning I ended up at Casaro. Because I showed what I can do and let people hear what I want, I have grown to a new position in the past three years. Casaro supports me in what I want to achieve and where I want to go. For example, it is possible for me to follow courses through Casaro and they give me the opportunity to learn 3D drawing, for example. The people here at Casaro are very nice, I noticed that I was quickly absorbed into the group. I really like the Friday afternoon off, because of this I already have a bit of 'the weekend feeling' on Thursday. 

Hoofd van gereedschapmakerij Culemborg


Head of tool shop  


My name is Hans, I have been employed by Casaro for 40 years and I am responsible for the production of new products and parts. The organization of Casaro is a flat organization, this is something I experience as pleasant. As a result, almost everyone is equal to each other. I strive to leave this company with a satisfied feeling. I achieve this feeling when the Casaro organization is technically completely in order and when people will say that they produce high-quality and quantitatively high-quality products at Casaro. Casaro has given me a sense of appreciation from the start. 

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